HS2 coming even closer …

You may have heard HS2 and Measham mentioned in the news today … This changed route has a major impact on Appleby.  It takes HS2 from the A444 behind the School and Snarestone Rd close to Jubilee Farm.  This is much closer to the village than the previous route and sandwiches our community between the railway and the motorway. The official map is at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/567263/C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580602.pdf but there is no information about who to contact about it. We are updating our HS2 page with as much information as we have.

Congestion on Village Roads?

Have you noticed more cars, vans and lorries in the village which seem to be associated with the houses being built on Measham Rd and the two Top Street sites?  We have found out from the District Council which roads these vehicles are allowed to use – and which not! There should be no off-site parking.  For details of these restrictions and what you can do if you think they are being broken see our housing application page.

Submission to Local Plan publication draft

We have made a submission to the Publication Draft of the NW Leicestershire Local Plan calling for the inclusion of a Local Green Space policy and the designation of specific vulnerable sites.  This will now be considered by an independent inspector.  You can download our submission and read more about the background from our Local Plan page.

Local Plan update

The Council have reviewed all the submissions to their draft local plan, made some amendments and have now produced a Publication draft.  We have had some successes but the issue of protecting green spaces remains unchanged. Read more details on our Local Plan page. There is one more round of consultation and then it goes to a planning inspector. Please look out for updates and emails about what you can do next.

Local Plan Factsheet & Posters

You will find posters up around the village explaining the issues affecting Appleby in the draft Local Plan and encouraging you to respond to North West Leicestershire District Council’s current consultation (Deadline 5pm 30th November 2015).  This is also covered on our Local Plan page.  We have also added a downloadable factsheet from that page for those of you who want more background.

New Local Plan – Consultation

North West Leicestershire District Council Planning Department want to hear your views – yes we know they didn’t seem very interested in them last time you expressed them but this is a bit different!

This is a formal consultation period on the new Draft Local Plan and it runs from now until the end of November.  We have set up a new Local Plan page with information on how to find the document and how to respond.  We will be posting more information soon on the issues which we feel are most important and that you might want to take account of in your responses.

25 rejected, 68 approved, another 72 to be considered …

The April planning committee voted in line with the officers’ recommendations (reported in our last post).  This meant that 2 of the 3 applications (Measham Rd and Botts Lane / Land behind Top St) were approved.

The Church St / Bowley’s Lane site was rejected primarily on the grounds of the historic importance of that site.

The officers argued that Appleby needed to take this many houses to contribute to targets for the District as a whole.  They felt that Appleby had a “good range of day to day services”.  There was a clear view expressed that further housing would not be be ‘sustainable’.

Thanks to all those who wrote to the planners and to our councillors and MP.  Also to those who attended the Planning Meeting – including those who spoke.  Our objections and activities did achieve some things – the reduction by nearly half of the Measham Rd application and the rejection of the Church St one.

Unfortunately it is not over yet … We have applications pending for 60 houses on Top St / Didcott Way and 12 houses Top St / Snarestone Lane.  There is still time to write letters about these.  As well as specific arguments about the particular sites, do stress the number of houses already approved and the cut back in bus services and the closure of the GP surgery.

Specific arguments for rejecting 60 houses on Top St / Didcott Way include:  effect on the setting of the school as a listed building, impact of traffic close to the school, effect of junctions created by proximity to Didcott Way and approved housing opposite, next to Botts Lane.

Specific arguments for rejecting 12 houses on Top St / Snarestone Lane include: impact on the setting of listed buildings and the Conservation Area (which includes part of the site); impact on rural approach to the historic village; danger of traffic coming from the site close to junctions between Snarestone Lane and Top St and to the junction of Top St, Blackhorse Hill, and Mawby’s Lane which particularly puts at risk pedestrians and cyclists at the Black Horse corner.

68 houses recommended for approval

The planning officers are recommending that 39 houses are approved for Measham Rd and 29 houses for Top Street / Botts Lane.  You can read their report on the NWL District Council Site by downloading the ‘Agenda Reports Pack’.

The decision will be made by the Planning Committee on 8th April 2014 at 4.30 p.m. in the District Council Offices in Coalville.

There are two things you can do at this stage:

1.  Contact the elected councillors who are on the Planning Committee and who can refuse to follow the officers’ recommendation.  You can find their contact details here – Councillors on planning cmttee Jan 2014.  Phone or email them to explain your concerns.  Also contact Richard Blunt (richard.blunt@nwleicestershire.gov.uk or  01530 454510).  He is not on the Planning Committee but is the councillor for Appleby and also leader of the Council.

2.  You can attend the planning meeting to show your concern and talk to councillors as they go into the meeting.

The application for 25 houses on Church St / Bowley’s Lane has been recommended for rejection.  Again this is a decision for councillors.  The application for 60 houses on Top St / Didcott Way is not yet ready to come to committee.