HS2 Meetings Weds & Thurs

A reminder that HS2 are holding an exhibition at the Appleby Hotel (access from A444 opposite garage and McDonalds entrance) today from 12pm to 8pm.  Your chance to ask questions of HS2 staff.  The new group Mapa HS2 Action will be outside – come and say hello.

On Thursday at 7pm in the School hall there is an open meeting with local politicians invited.  Come and let them know your views.

Reminder – HS2 meetings

Wednesday 4th January, 7pm, Measham Leisure Centre (bar area).  Meeting to formally set up the joint Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey HS2 Action Group to oppose the ‘Measham Re-route’ proposal.  All welcome but of particular importance if you want to be actively involved in developing the campaign.

We also want everyone concerned to sign up for updates from the new organisation at www.mapahs2action.org.uk/.

HS2 Latest

Thanks to all who made it to the meeting in Measham earlier this week.  It was a very large meeting which agreed unanimously to set up a group to oppose the new route and coordinate responses to the HS2.  The Parish Councils from Austrey, Appleby, Measham and Packington were represented.  There will be another meeting on 4th January 7pm in Measham Leisure centre.  Appleby Magna Parish Council are holding a public meeting on HS2 at the Sir John Moore Foundation on 19th January and HS2 are holding an information event on 18th January.  Full details on our HS2 page.

Publicising our Public Meeting – volunteers needed

We have issued a press release for our meeting on 13th December.  You can download it here.  Please let us know if you have any media contacts.  Also consider writing letters to the local papers.  We are hoping to do door to door  leafleting to publicise the meeting and to put up some posters.  We need some volunteers to help with this.  Please let Sonia (sonia@applebymagna.org.uk) know as soon as possible if you can spare an hour or two over the next 10 days.

Public Meeting to discuss HS2 – 13th December

There will be a public meeting at St Laurence Church Hall in Measham to discuss the HS2 re-route consultation. The date is Tuesday 13th December and it will start at 7.30 p.m.

We hope to involve people from all the communities affected by the change:  Austrey, Appleby Parva, Appleby Magna, Measham and Packington.

Further details as we have them but put the date in your diary now!

HS2 Action Group being formed

An action group is being formed for all those affected by the changed HS2 route around Measham.  This includes the re-routing to the Snarestone side of Appleby.  The group has Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MeashamHS2Action/.  This has links to HS2 information including the very limited compensation schemes.  Their twitter feed is #MeashamHS2Action.  Let them or us know if you are able to provide any form of support or expertise.

HS2 coming even closer …

You may have heard HS2 and Measham mentioned in the news today … This changed route has a major impact on Appleby.  It takes HS2 from the A444 behind the School and Snarestone Rd close to Jubilee Farm.  This is much closer to the village than the previous route and sandwiches our community between the railway and the motorway. The official map is at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/567263/C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580602.pdf but there is no information about who to contact about it. We are updating our HS2 page with as much information as we have.

Congestion on Village Roads?

Have you noticed more cars, vans and lorries in the village which seem to be associated with the houses being built on Measham Rd and the two Top Street sites?  We have found out from the District Council which roads these vehicles are allowed to use – and which not! There should be no off-site parking.  For details of these restrictions and what you can do if you think they are being broken see our housing application page.

Submission to Local Plan publication draft

We have made a submission to the Publication Draft of the NW Leicestershire Local Plan calling for the inclusion of a Local Green Space policy and the designation of specific vulnerable sites.  This will now be considered by an independent inspector.  You can download our submission and read more about the background from our Local Plan page.

Local Plan update

The Council have reviewed all the submissions to their draft local plan, made some amendments and have now produced a Publication draft.  We have had some successes but the issue of protecting green spaces remains unchanged. Read more details on our Local Plan page. There is one more round of consultation and then it goes to a planning inspector. Please look out for updates and emails about what you can do next.