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Update on Local Plan Examination:  The independent hearings on the Council’s Local Plan begin on 5th January 2017.  You can find details on the Council’s website.  Our objection relating to the absence of Local Green Space designation will be discussed on 16th January at 2pm.  All sessions are open to the public as observers.

North West Leicestershire District Council are moving on to the next stage of their new Local Plan. This new plan is intended to guide planning decisions up to 2031.

On 4th July the Council launched the Publication Local Plan. This builds on the consultation draft and incorporates some suggestions from the consultation responses submitted last Autumn. We have submitted a further Appleby Environment response on the absence of any Local Green Space policy and a specific call for designations within Appleby.  We received support from CPRE Leicestershire and Appleby Magna Parish Council. This will be submitted to an independent inspector along with the Local Plan. The Inspector will then decide whether any further changes are needed, on the basis of the submissions and possibly hearings where objectors can present their arguments.

Many Appleby residents responded to the previous consultation round. So much so that Appleby was specifically mentioned in the consultation reports to Council! We suggested you objected to 4 issues (see the map below). The good news is that we have won on two fronts:
Issue 1: The Publication Local Plan has reduced the limits to development on Measham Rd to reflect the permission already given. This means that the developers will have difficulty coming back for more houses on this site.
Issue 4: The Publication Local Plan has rewritten the definition of sustainable villages (which is how Appleby is defined). It now says that “growth will take place within the defined limits to development”. This means that developers cannot use the new plan to just add on more sites at the edges of the village.


Please look out for emails (sign up on the home page if you are not already on our list) and return to this page for updates about how this issue develops.

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If you want to learn more about the previous consultation stage and the response we made you can download our factsheet and our detailed response.

3 replies on “Local Plan”

  1. mr madge says:

    The field behind Didcott Way/Wren Close should also be designated sensitive site due to its proximity to Sir John Moore foundation listed building and the highway issues which would result if developed on

  2. Sonia Liff says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. The ‘sensitive site’ designation does not exist in the new draft Local Plan. The Council suggests that Local Green Spaces would now be an appropriate policy to use but have not identified any areas they want to designate. They want to leave it up to local people. The criteria for a Local Green Space are set out in National Planning Guidance. We will post more information on what you would need to establish. There is separate protection for the setting of a listed building.

  3. Danny H says:

    I agree with Jon. Traffic issues that would be created in the vicinity of the school must surely outweigh any other consideration. On a related note, I still don’t really understand how the council expects traffic from still more houses on Top Street to access any direction other than possibly Snarestone without causing serious safety issues which will not be resolvable without knocking down large parts of the existing village!

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