Congestion on Village Roads?

Have you noticed more cars, vans and lorries in the village which seem to be associated with the houses being built on Measham Rd and the two Top Street sites?  We have found out from the District Council which roads these vehicles are allowed to use – and which not! There should be no off-site parking.  For details of these restrictions and what you can do if you think they are being broken see our housing application page.

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  1. Paula Ashfield says:

    I would like to highlight a dramatic increase in the number of Lorries and HGVs vehicles that at currently using Bowley’s Lane n the last few months. A number of the vehicles were finding it difficult to turn at the end of the lane into Church Road and had to reverse back up the lane causing hazards to cars and pedestrians etc.

  2. Sonia Liff says:

    Thanks Paula
    Are you able to report it to the Planning Enforcement officer (details on our housing page)? There should be no traffic associated with the housing developments coming down Bowley’s Lane or Church Street. If you can provide them with photos or the names you have seen on the side of the lorries (or even number and type of vehicles on a particular date) that would help. I think they will only investigate if they receive complaints.

  3. Mark Sharpe says:

    ref:13/00797/FULM Site AP1

    I live on Measham road and have been contacting Jim Wilmott and Dean Flower at NWLDC Planning Enforcemant since September 3rd 2016 with regard to construction start times and traffic. The site regularly accepts deliveries at 07.00 in the morning and on several occasions staff have been working pre 8am which Mr Wilmott advises me is not allowed.
    He claims he has visited the site and telephoned the construction company several times but it still goes on.
    This morning 31/10/16 lorries were parked outside our houses from 7am and at one point there were five tipper lorries parked on the road making it difficult for traffic to pass due to the reduced width of the road. I have reported every incident but nothing seems to be done.
    I also contacted Jenny Davies at NWLDC planning and was told that there are no plans to improve Measham Road even though the Highways dept has said “Measham Road fronting the site is not currently suitable to cater for the development and would require improvement works. Concern is raised regarding the minimal bus
    service in Appleby Magna which would lead
    residents to rely heavily on the private car”.
    This has been said for both sites AP2 which is complete and AP1. Measham Riad is a narrow road and vehicles have to give way to each other constantly. Please report any problems you experience to NWLDC Planning Enforcement.
    Thankyou, Mark.

  4. Mark Sharpe says:

    I emailed Dean Flower at NWLDC planning enforcement again this morning with this email……..
    Good morning Dean
    Unfortunately another tipper lorry arrived AGAIN this morning 7th November 2016 before the agreed time of 08.00am. It arrived at 06.45am and parked on Measham Road along side the cones outside of the site which you told me had been put there to prevent the deliveries parking there. It left at 07.20am and returned at 07.55am.
    Can you confirm to me that wheel washing facilities are also in place on the site which also forms part of the planning permission?
    All of these incidents have and will continue to be reported to the Appleby Environmental Group.
    You or Mr Wilmott told me previously that the site manager has contacted the delivery companys and told them not to arrive at the site pre 8am and not to park on Measham Road. That also forms part of the planning permission.
    Regards, Mark Sharpe

    • Mark Sharpe says:

      Hi all
      I received this email from Dean Flower on the 11/11/16 With regard to vehicles delivering pre 8am at the Measham Road site, lorries parking on Measham Road, the mud on the road and work commencing pre 8am……

      Morning Mark
      I have now made contact with both the site manager and their line manager, I have expressed my total disappointment as to what has happened with regards to the activities on site.
      I have explained that should the activities continue to breach the condition that the council may consider enforcement action, I have received an email from the site manager taking full responsibility for the early deliveries.
      I believe that he is trying to show his willingness to resolve these issues as they were out of his control as he arrived on site after the lorries had already been allowed on. He has also called me and explained that he will do everything within his power to resolve the concerns of the residents.
      He went on to apologise to all involved and he has tackled the staff on site and told them that if they need to have someone stood at the gate in the morning then that is what they should do. He has also escalated the issues with the deliveries arriving early to his senior management.
      I hope that this will now bring some resolve to the ongoing issues.
      Dean Flower
      Planning Enforcement Officer
      Direct line: 01530 454766

  5. Mark Sharpe says:

    Good afternoon
    This morning 14/11/16 at 07:20 a lorry loaded with building materials arrived at the Measham Road building site and was allowed on the site. Shortly after this around 07:35 a white tipper lorry arrived from the direction of the village toward Measham Road and was also allowed onto the site. I assume this tipper lorry came down Rectory Lane off the Tamworth Road which is prohibited to construction traffic.
    There was no one standing at the entrance to the Measham Road site to prevent any deliveries pre 8am. I could also clearly hear some machinery working at approximately 07:35 along with an intermittent sound of a vehicle reversing (vehicle reversing warning siren).
    This has been reported to Dean Flower Planning Enforcement NWLDC.

  6. Mark Sharpe says:

    I emailed Dean Flower at NWLDC planning enforcement AGAIN this morning with this email

    Good morning Dean
    Unfortunately things are still happening on Measham Road Appleby Magna.
    A lorry loaded with building materials arrived at 7.20 this morning and was allowed to park outside the site where the cones are until 8.00 am (40 mins) after a site worker had spoken to him. Whilst the lorry was waiting the driver proceeded to remove the loads securing devices, straps etc and was allowed onto the site at 8.00 am. This caused congestion on Measham Road which forced several vehicles to turn around and some to drive on the freshly dug earth by the site entrance. The double decker school bus which comes along Measham Road every morning at around 7.45 was delayed by 15 mins as it could not get pass the lorry until 8.00 am when the lorry entered the site.
    It is my understanding that a stipulation of the planning permission is not only no deliveries or work to be commenced pre 8.00 am but also no delivery lorries should be parking on Measham Road. Clearly this lorry driver was not told he could not park on Measham Road.
    Regards, Mark Sharpe.

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