Applications update

We are now facing 4 applications – the two from Jupiter on Measham Road (for 73 houses) and on the corner of Church Street / Bowleys Lane (now reduced by one to 25 houses).  The other two are 32 houses next to Botts Lane and behind the houses on Top Street; and then the other side of Top Street between Top Street, Didcott Way and Wren close – for 60 houses.

The application for two houses on Black Horse Hill has been withdrawn.  The one for 8 houses on Measham Rd, close to Stoney Lane, has been approved.  This field had a different status from the other fields where there are applications so we should not take this as an indication of what decision will be made about the other applications.

We are expecting all the remaining applications to be determined at a meeting on 8th April.  There is still time to write letters in relation to the Top Street applications.  See the housing application page for more details.

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