All Change for Appleby


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In the 1990s:

  • Developers threatened all the countryside around  the motorway junction and to reduce the open countryside between Measham and  Appleby with plans for shops and warehouses – these were largely defeated with  massive support from Appleby residents.

In the 2000s:

  • Limited change to the village – mostly  sympathetically designed and sited.  The  Village Design Statement, created by village residents in 1999, helped to  ensure this.

What will the next 10 – 15 years bring?

  • A developer wants to build between 150 and 175  houses all on land outside the village boundary.  Appleby currently has less than 500  houses.  Half of these proposed houses  would be behind the Church Hall, next to historic buildings and the  Conservation Area, the others on Measham Road.   All bringing more traffic to village roads and pressure on services.
  • HS2 rail link is planned to come the Appleby  side of the motorway, through the hotel, the top of Rectory Lane and passing  very close to the Old Rectory.
  • Local and National planning policy (used to judge  new applications) is changing.  It  generally favours more development.  Our  Village Design Statement will only continue to be effective if it is updated  and reflects current residents’ views.

Appleby is an attractive rural village with clear boundaries and a balance of different types of housing.   Let’s keep it that way!

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